Monday, 19 March 2012

Here is a glutenfrei donut

As mentioned, the weather in Berlin in the weekend just past was superb. Vicky and I decided to celebrate by heading out to West Berlin, buying a fancy picnic lunch at KaDeWe and eating a fancy picnic lunch in the Tiergarten.

Now, get ready to rub your eyes in disbelief because we also discovered a glutenfrei Berliner to eat for dessert.

Also, I am a Berliner

Sure, it's made of marzipan, but isn't that the original and best wheatless bread substitute?

I am a delicious Berliner.
It was gob-smackingly good. 

Also, we saw a rabbit:

It's completely unrelated, I know (the rabbit is not made of wheat, nor marzipan) but I thought it was pretty cool. In Australia, hopping rabbits are the poor cousin of the jumping kangaroo and are too ashamed to show their twitchy little faces. 


  1. This post made me a little over-excited because:
    a) I have been to the Tiergarten!!! (although it was during the showing of the World Cup so totally not romantic picnic-worthy)
    b) I love marzipan, maybe even more than real doughnuts!
    and c) A rabbit!!! A rabbit!!!!

    1. Hey, thanks Emily, you're tops :)

      The spot in the Tiergarten where we ate and saw the Kaninchen was nice and secluded. I think you guys will have to come back!

      Also, I reckon the marzipan donut was better than the real thing too.

  2. p.s. I am excited by all your posts, not only this one. Just to be clear :)