Friday, 30 March 2012

Getting More Bäre

I am sure that you have all been waiting breathlessly for the next installment of Berlin Bear discoveries. Well, you may now slide back from the edges of your seats, exhale in relief and gaze in wonder as I present the Next Few Bears What I Have Come Across While Walking About The Place.

First up we have this wholly blue chap outside the Deutsche Bank on Freidrichstraße. I assume he is the Bank's bear because he is the same colour as their logo. Also, he is pretty boring. 
typical bank bear: hollow, soulless eyes
Next, we have the seaside bear in Wansee. Wansee is supposedly Berlin's inland beach, which is why he's painted with such a scene. Based on my very short walk in the area, however, he probably should have been painted with some rich toffs standing astride luxury yachts. (It is a really nice area, though; I promise. I'm just envious.)
you can see the dismay on his face, too: 'Welcome to Wansee... I guess'
The adorable upside-down scamp below is outside a children's museum on Senefelderstraße. He's the wrong way up because kids love that shit. Also, he looks as though the neighbourhood kids have been allowed to paint him, which is fantastic.
'museum' in German is 'Museum'
And finally (for this update) we have Black-Tie Bear.  I forget precisely where he is but we walked past him on our way to the Tiergarten, so I daresay he's outside an expensive hotel.
the wink means that if you slip him a fiver, he'll sort out your room. 
More bears to come, I'm sure. 

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