Thursday, 8 March 2012


For some reason that nobody knows, the animal symbol of Berlin is a bear. Perhaps it is because Berliners, just like bears, are often portrayed as cute, cuddly, bumbling, loveable and overweight stereotypes on the television, always getting into all manner of comical strife. I have also discovered that the locals like to cook breakfast (porridge of variable temperatures) and then abandon it uneaten in favour of a walk in the woods instead. Crazy mofos. 

And Berliners, just like bears, can also be incredibly vicious when provoked and swat your head clean off with just one swipe of their gigantic, clawed paws. 

Obviously, the Germans are a complicated people, yet we Australians can can surely relate with our own indigenous delightful-but-deadly dropbears. Cuddle them on the telly - but don't you dare walk under one of their hives!

Anyway, Berliners love bears so much that there's one on their city flag and everything. Everything? Am I prone to internet hyperbole hysteria? No. There are gigantic  painted fiberglass bears all about the place. Chancing across them fills my days with terrific whimsy and I rather fancy trying to find them all within the year. I'll post up snaps as I discover them, though I am sure it will be slightly less magical to just log onto your electronic jumping-box and see the photos, rather than turn a corner and come face-to-neck with one of the magnificent monstrosities. Nevertheless, it's (half) my blog, so ner. Take a look.

The chap below was not the first one we came across, though he rather looks as though he should have been. Not only is he covered in #1s of varying fonts, he's also got a sash welcoming you to Erlin. Vicky and I discovered him in the wrong order but I'll be jiggered if I let you make the same mistake. 

Nope, I don't know why I'm not at the airport, train station or maternity hospital either.
The dashing specimen below wasn't meant to be found third, probably. He's nearby the guy above and I couldn't see a Bear labelled #2 in-between. They're also too massive to be fantastically well hidden. Nevertheless, this guy is standing on a podium labelled '3' because he's just won a bronze medal. 
Too dah!
Judging by his snappy outfit and jaunty moustache, I'd say he's won the medal in either weightlifting or barbershop quartet. 

Next up is the Berlin Metro map bear at Alexanderplatz station. If you are lost, you can trace your route on him, touching him in all sorts of inappropriate ways. He appears to be in a perpetual state of shock, so who knows what routes he's been subject to.
The bears are also employed in prominent locations to spruik local wares.

This overalls guy also has a crazy look in his eyes as if he's about to hurl his FCA sign right down on top of you.
Imma crush you if you cross me!
This next lucky fellow must be the happiest of the lot. He gets to sit down.
Still get a tired arm, though
Finally, the one below is clearly from the wrong mould and everybody hates him. He's just trying far too hard to be liked. 
Heya, guy! Wanna grab a sarsaparilla? Your buy!

There are a few others I know of, seen without my camera handy, but I'm sure I'll come across them again sooner or later. One is about 10 metres from our apartment. I do plan to walk down that street again eventually...


  1. Love this collection of bears!

    1. Hey, thanks! I really like them, too. They are pleasant surprises and I reckon I'll be seeing and posting a lot more of them. Thanks for commenting!