Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Catch this Cab? Only for unfulfilled thrills.

Not too long ago, when I was still young, Vicky and I were strolling through Kaiser's supermarket. (Yes, we shop like kings, dammit, like KINGS!). A few shops prior to that, we were also strolling through the aisles at Kaiser's when the following caught my eye:

cola AND beer
I knew instantly that I had to try it. To mix the special treat drink of my childhood with the common, everyday treat drink of adulthood - what could be greater? Well, it turns out that it bloody well can be greater. The stuff is also flavoured with the weird-looking fruit that Vicky and I once saw at Coles in Australia and decided to try, despite its pointy ferociousness. 

Flavoured with DRAGONFRUIT
More to the point, they came up with an exceedingly clever acronym of "Cab" for Cola and Beer. Fusion cooking and marketing genius rolled into one - what could go wrong?
Drink for the camera Matt, drink for the camera!
Well, it was okay. Sure, nothing in it resembles dragonfruit, fruit, dragons, or flamboyant, well-dressed mythical sauropods in the slightest. It tastes like Kolé Beer even though, unlike the Kirks version, this one actually contains actual beer. 

Actually, now that I think about it, it's just like dragonfruit. Exiciting and frightening to behold but, on consumption, pretty tame. Well played, marketing fellows! Nevertheless, I give this beverage only seven thumbs up. Good for a gimmick, not for recommending to your friends. 

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