Friday, 23 March 2012

Not all Street Art is Un-Horrific

Most of the time in Berlin, happening across street art brings a delightful smile to the viewer's face and brightens the day. Whether it's gigantic rats climbing a coffee-shop wall, a monster made of streamers nearby a primary school, or one of a legion of differently-painted bears, whimsy is never far away.

Some other times, it's less whim and more wham. And not the fun, gay, prancing Wham! - this is the smack-to-the-face kind. 
Nothing illustrates 'love art hate cops' like strung-up game.
My word.
What has been seen cannot be unseen
Even the hayseed worms are crying.
And sometimes it's enough to make you put a teapot on your head.
Now that you've suffered through that, here is jolly prince bear playing soccer:
who was standing!

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