Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Both Matt and I love Mr Sparrow in Subiaco (but I think I love it just a little bit more). For several months, it was part of our Saturday morning routine to finish a trip to the Subi Farmers’ Market with a visit to our favourite little shop. Despite regular visits, during which we would touch everything on display and spend about 15 minutes staring longingly at all the stock, we really only ever bought greeting cards.

The owner is probably quite glad we’re gone.

Luckily, a few days after moving to our new flat in Prenzlauer Berg, we found our replacement for Mr Sparrow. It’s called POMERANZA design ranch.

Everything in this shop is awesome.

We were lured inside by the robber fox peering out of the window and spent ages touching and staring at all the stock on display. Then, in our usual style, we left without buying anything (not even a greeting card). But, I really want one of those knitted robber foxes, so I’ve started saving my useless little brown coins.

One is called Geoff and one is called Cyril. Geoff enjoys extreme sports.

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