Friday, 17 February 2012


Glutenfrei chocolatey deliciousness.

In a supermarket freezer near you...if you live in Berlin.

I know. It looks a bit weird in this picture.


There are other flavours too. I've already tried Vanilla and I can't wait to try the Daim one (mmmm Ikea).

I know it's only a frozen cake, but I think I only ever saw one glutenfrei frozen cake in Perth, and I'm pretty sure it was about nine bucks. And it was probably crap. And this cake wasn't crap at all. Even Matt liked it. And he can eat normal food.

If the geniuses behind Almondy decide to make a glutenfrei AND dairy free version, then I don't think I'll ever leave Berlin.

This isn't posted by Matt. But he did take the photos (thank you Matt!).

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  1. It is correct that Vicky wrote this post, despite what google tells you.

    It is also correct that I heartily enjoy this product. I'd be all over it even were it glutenous.