Sunday, 29 January 2012


Willkommen auf unserem Blog!

We have moved to Berlin from Perth and will be bloggering about what we do and eat. Also what we drink and see. This is that what you are now currently looking at. Did you know that pretty much everything in Berlin is shut on a Sunday? Neither did we. Anyway, that is perhaps a blogtale for another time. Until then, let us introduce the blog.

It is called "We are (glutenfrei) donuts". Are you aware of this? Full marks if so and a hearty handshake. We have called it thus after the JFK shemozzle. He called himself 'ein Berliner', which could perhaps mean that he called himself a jelly donut. On the other hand: Berliners don't call jelly donuts "Berliners" here in Berlin, apparently, which is presumably for a very good reason, though it does raise a question about what they call hamburgers in Hamburg or frankfurters in Frankfurt or stomach pangs in Hungary.

Anyway, the point is that Vicky and I are now also proper Berliners, yes? Also, we are glutenfrei because the germans love bread and beer and - let's be honest - who doesn't? - and we thought we might provide some useful signposts along the way to other peeps who might want to visit this place and drink beer and eat bread but also avoid any gluten for their health, usw. This should occur reasonably seamlessly anyway as Vicky is an intolerant type, avoiding wheat and meat and, often, dairy. Matt gets pulled along for the ride but is also vegetarian and generally feels a lot better by cutting down his cheese intake.

It took us a long time to decide this name. When we had, I (Matt) felt really fucking clever, even though it was Vicky's idea. But, the point is, I thought of lots of ways it could be 'applicable' on many levels. There is the Berliner/donut double entendre pun. It could also be interpreted to mean "we are nuts", like we're a little bit crazy mofos, which we are.  Also, for the social networking kidz, it acronyms nicely into WAGD, so you can tell all your friends about it without wasting precious breath or finger-time: "hey, hombre, have you seen the latest on WAGD?" that sort of jazz.

By way of interest, even if it's only my own, here are some of our other working titles:
  • Germania.
  • Germany mania.
  • Germania mania.
  • Mania in Germany. 
  • An idiot and a broad abroad.
  • Willkommen auf Zauberberg!
  • Fussbudgets on a budget.
  • VAGFPS (Vegetarian and Gluten Free, Preferably Soy).
Obviously, if we had been from Tasmania, instead of Western Australia, we'd have been able to come up with loads more -mania possibilities. Such wonders were not meant to be.

We aim to update this blog pretty regularly. We have set ourselves a target of doing a lengthy screed once a week, likely on Sundays, and regular, smaller posts of interest as amusing things happen. Lots have already, so I'm pretty sure the year will not be short of material. Go on, follow us. It'll be sehr gut. 

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