Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Glutenfrei Beer: Liebharts Bio Reisbier

In Berlin, there is more than one type of glutenfrei beer. Even better, none of these beers cost $10 a bottle. Yay! I've tried a couple since we arrived in Berlin, but this is the first one that I bothered photographing.

Up until arriving in Berlin, I hadn't had beer in about 2 years, so I can't really give this one a proper review. But, it wasn't totally gross, AND it cost me less than 2 euros for a 500ml bottle. Winning!


  1. Hi Matt & Vicky

    We have put this as favourite, Sue(mum) sent it to us but we look forward to following your journey have a great time, Lynne & John Cooper

    1. Thanks guys! It's so nice that you've read our blog and taken the time to comment. We'll try to keep it interesting as the days and weeks progress!

    2. Thanks for reading and commenting:) You're very kind.