Saturday, 4 February 2012

Children's booze!

These Germans have a range of beers for children:

Berliner Child-le White Beer
And it's alcoholic:

Only lightly alcoholic at 3.0%, sure, but that's fair enough. They're only small.
I bought a sixpack of the stuff in Prenzlauer Berg, which is the awesome suburb in which we live. It's also referred to as "pregnancy hill" due to the high proportion of little-uns waddling around everywhere. Truly, it is a parents' paradise.

In case you're wondering: it tastes rubbish. Of course.


  1. That's crazy - beer for kids. I love it! Haha. By the way, Hi. I'm your cousin Cameron's wife. :) Good to meet you. Nice blog!

  2. Hi Lisa! Yep I know who you are:) I remember seeing your wedding photos. Awesome dress by the way. Thanks for reading our blog:) And good to meet you too.