Sunday, 22 April 2012

German mysteries

Some things about Germany are very strange. This is one of those things. Below is a photo of two different kinds of Colgate toothpaste. 

Which is the more totally complete? Komplett, ultra weiss or Total Whitening, komplett-schutz?

Put your answers - which and why -  to this most confounding of riddles into the comments box and Vicky and I will select the winner in a highly-rigourous systematic evaluation. The winner will get a tube of the supreme paste to call their very own.*

If that mystery is beyond you, you can participate in the back-up version: which toothpaste did I buy, and which did Vicky buy? No prizes for that one. It's dead obvious. 

*tube not suitable for framing.


  1. I would say the better one is the complete as it is the bigger one. I would say that Vicky bought the Colgate Total as it would fit better in her smaller hands ... that is all I have to go on!

    1. Hey Bec, I think you are the winner by default. CONGRATULATIONS YOU LUCKY MINX!

      For the record, I have no idea which is more totally complete but I think you make a good point. Therefore, a fresh tube of Komplett is all yours.

      You were spot on about who bought which, too. Well done. Come to Berlin and I'll buy you a beer.