Sunday, 22 April 2012

alles gute zum Geburtstag!

As you may or may not have been aware, it was my birthday not too long ago. I spent it in Rome and had a really cracking time. I won't go into that too much because this is a blog about Berlin, not Rome, although I freely admit that the rules about what I'm going to post are pretty much non-existent and ever in flux depending on my whims. Anyway, this intro is here to lead into the next bit, which is the awesome birthday surprise Vicky had waiting for me on our return home:

coopers, boags, milos and mint slice, mofos!
I was overjoyed. I have really been hanging out for a Milo, and now I have two tins all to myself. I am not yet sure if this will last me the year.

Of course, I will grudgingly share it with Vicky. Although, unfortunately, Milo isn't wholly gluten-free (made from malted barley), and I can't really recommend it on this blog, it doesn't contain any wheat, which is Vicky's one weakness. She should be able to enjoy it carefree and blissfully, except for the times that I glare at her for taking too much.

For those of you who are only wheat-intolerant, Milo is tops. If you are completely against gluten in all its forms, Milo is tops. It just might kill you, however. 

Also, the beers, which are definitely not gluten free, you poor unfortunate souls, are superb. Don't get me wrong: the German beers have been brilliant too (except that dreadful kids one) and I very much enjoy sampling new ones every chance I get. It's just that there's something that little bit more enjoyable about beers from home, you know. Cooper's have even changed their labels, so you are in no doubt.
in Australia, this fact is taken for granted
this one too
The source of these wonders? Berlin has a fair dinkum Australian Shopping World and it is bloody brilliant, even if they were fresh out of double-coat tim-tams when Vicky was there. Bastards.

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