Sunday, 3 June 2012

Karneval der Kulturen

Last weekend we experienced Berlin's tremendous Carnival of Cultures. Beforehand, I was told that it involved different cultures in Berlin doing a dance. When asked how many cultures would be involved, a native Berliner answered "all of them". 

"All" of the cultures doing a dance. I didn't expect it would be a fun way to spend a day. Turns out it is blimming fantastic. There is near endless parade of culture, including some of the lesser-seen or never-before-heard-ofs, and stalls offering all manner of tasty delights. If you are in Berlin next year for the carnival, I strongly recommend attending.

Sadly, it was difficult to find vegetarian, gluten-free foods at the stalls. Fortunately, there was plenty of multi-kulti booze.

Here are some of the better photographs.

Here I am enjoying a cultural cocktail in the morning. I am cultured.
the portaloos are so well designed, they have a urinal as well as a seat

No mofos!

Our gluten-free, vegetarian lunch (American Carny Culture).
Berlin is so open

Dancing with pillows culture

Puppet culture

mask culture

big world dress culture

The only non-welcoming thing I saw all day.

Taiwanese scrap-metal dragon

harassed office worker in the 80s culture

Look a the size of his phone

Irish pub culture

Wizard culture

shit, he's seen us - run!
I truly love that the guy above probably dresses up to blow bubbles every year. 

I can't quite remember what this culture was but she was dancing with garbage at one point.

donkey culture

Chinese dragon

Shockingly-quiet hari krishna

Owl made out of garbage

green culture

no pants but a lot of money culture

Fancy a Hojito?

Yes, please. Cheers!

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