Sunday, 13 May 2012

Glutenfrei Cupcakes II: This Time It's Personal

I know, we have already posted about the gluten free cupcakes from Cupcake. The thing is, we ordered those cupcakes as a share of a larger conglomerate, so I couldn't really comment on the whole experience. For Vicky's birthday, however, I placed a special order all by myself and everything was so lovely and delightful that I simply must write again to show you how truly amazing they really are. Also, we gots great pics of this lot.

To refresh your memory, Cupcake sells cupcakes. They also offer special services where you can order vegan cupcakes or glutenfrei cupcakes or cupcakes that are both glutenfrei and vegan. It is a hipster's wonderland. Thankfully the shop is 100% free from ridiculous spectacles and skintight pants.

Last time, we received shares in an email order of gluten free Hot Chocolate flavour. In honour of Vicky's birthday, I made a special trip into the shop to order gluten free Birthday Cake flavour and impress upon them how important it was. They were most obliging. Check it out:
  • I had completed most of my order in German until the woman behind the counter couldn't think of the German word for flavour: "welches, ..erm, flavour?". I aksed, in German, if we could speak in English, and she was exceptionally thankful and praised my German, saying you'd never know I wasn't bilingual. As I had only come in with a few key words practised, they are obviously experts at customer-service. 
  • I think most of the staff are bilingual-ish expats, so if you're reading this blog and you're in Berlin, odds are that you'll be pleased at the possibility of problem-free ordering. I sure was, because once we switched to English I was able to specify so many preferences and options, and they accommodated them all.
  • When I told them it was for my wife's birthday, they promised to use a variety of decorations and, if possible, different icing flavours. As you can see from the photos below, they delivered.
  • I ordered, and paid for, 10 glutenfrei cupcakes. When I picked them up, they KNOWINGLY GAVE ME TWELVE. That's an extra 20% free, which is truly excellent (see next point).
  • The cupcakes are flipping brilliant and not at all the crumbly dry rubble one normally gets with special glutenfrei options. I know that they are good because when we have eaten them all, even if it takes a couple of days and the last ones are turning a wee bit stale, I'm rather sad inside that the experience is over. 
delicious delicacies delightfully decorated
butterfly flavour
The only downside? They asked if I was also from New Zealand. Hmpf.

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